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Your modern cooperative banking software which not only improves your customer experience, but also provides you with an unmatched set of Business Intelligence tools to evaluate and measure your operational efficiency. Help your employees achieve more in less time. Focus more on your customer service and make them happy.

Do I Really Need Banqsys?

Frankly speaking, you might not need Banqsys at all.

You only need Banqsys if you are someone who doesn't want to settle for less. Banqsys is for people who are interested in the Business Intelligence, KPIs, and metrics. Banqsys is the only banking solution in the market that provides you all of these and so much more. Don't take our word for it, call us to see it for yourself in your office. Understand what you have been missing in your banking software throughout the years.


Banqsys provides you with a clean, concise, and consistent user interface enabling you to perform your banking operations effortlessly. The system comprises features for implementing, configuring, managing, and validating parameters and records related to back office, front office, share, deposit, and lending management.

Banqsys easily adapts to your banking products and adjusts accordingly. For example, unlike traditional banking system, the Banqsys dashboard enables you to quickly define and view various KPIs, metrics, and reports which provide you with a unique ability to make informed banking decisions from the get go. You’re presented with abundant data visualization, interactive charts, and report which are context aware—keeping the current logged in branch office into account.

One of the most prominent features of the banking module is the ability to define Any Branch Banking parameters from the head office. The parameterization controls how exactly the accounting treatment is performed during transaction postings happening from a branch office to an account belonging to another branch office. For example, we enable you to control the GL entry produced during a deposit withdrawal against a head office account, entered from one of your branch offices.

Core Banking Solution
Core Banking Solution
Banqsys is one of most promising cooperative banking software systems that manages every little aspect of your day-to-day banking activities, including but not limited to share management, products and fee management, deposit and overdraft management, loan and advances, and so much more.
Mobile Teller
Mobile Teller
Extend your banking service with our flagship mobile teller app. White label the app to reflect your brand identity. Banqsys mobile teller app works natively with iOS and Android platform allowing you to broaden your banking services cost effectively. Not only you're able to remotely process banking transactions offline, but you can also synchronize the data at any given point of time, remotely or on premise.
Apps & Modules
Apps & Modules
Banqsys has over a dozen apps and modules which not only cover core banking features, but also ERP, HRM, CRM, and much more. Boost your productivity by using the powerful tools such as contact management, calendar and events, social networking, task management, and a few more tools. Banqsys is the perfect match you always wanted for the cooperative banking software.
Secured with 4096-bit SSL Encryption
Because of increasing digital fraud and identity theft, people carefully monitor website certificate trust signs. The first step of secure web application connection is undoubtedly secure certificates. Since the 4096-bit certificate has drastically improved encryption strength, we want you to settle for nothing less than that. This ensures that the data packets sent through and forth your banking system is safe from spying eyes.
Online Banking
Online Banking: Mobile & the Internet
Your digital innovation is just a fingertip away, engaging and enabling your customers to perform banking on their own. Encourage your customers to use Banqsys internet and mobile banking to perform utility payments, fund transfer, banking requests, and more. With Banqsys, you're always a step ahead in the competition.
Social Network
Enhance the Way You Communicate
Communication is the key to success. Do not depend on your ability to remember things. With our flagship technology, you will never miss an important reminder. Even if you had not had a chance to use the software because of your busy schedule, Banqsys will send you an email or SMS. Being reminded about the tasks on hand, you will never fall out of the loop.
Modern User Experience
How often do you wonder that your existing software solution feels like living in the Stone Age? Banqsys makes an extensive usage of trending and modern UI/UX design principles and your employees are happy to use the banking solution again. It's important to keep your employees happy. Make them happy!
Business Intelligence
Banqsys is the only cooperative banking software solution that streamlines a complete set of integrated business intelligence tools. With more than 200 inbuilt widgets powered with data visualization components, you can minutely analyze every tiny aspect of your growth and evaluate the projections and predictions provided by the system. Use more than 300 prebuilt reports with additional charts, gauges, and indicators. Additionally, design your own reports using our proprietary reporting engine within minutes if not seconds.
Integrations with the Tools You Love
Banqsys already works with your favorite tools and services. With over two dozen integrations with platforms such as Google, Facebook, SendGrid, SparkPost, SMS Central, you will realize that you could have achieved so much more for the time you've been spending on your existing solution. Banqsys saves your time and keeps you remain focused.

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About the Team

Banqsys is developed by MixERP Inc., the company behind one of the most popular ASP.NET open source projects. MixERP's applications are rich in features and are easy to use. Our module provides a great opportunity for businesses of small and medium scale to compete fearlessly in the market. These ERP solutions are inherited from basics and are integrated onwards to provide a simplified and minimalist user experience. Our founding team has over a decade-long experience of developing, maintaining, and implementing banking and ERP solutions worldwide. We’re undoubtedly the best team in the town at your disposal.

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A Much Better Learning Experience

Get access to the training resources and videos on Banqsys online academy. In order to stand out amidst the highly competitive banking industry, we have developed an online academy where you can get access to the training resources and videos, round the clock. This basically is a virtual platform where your employees can learn and practice along with the videos and documentation. In order to get access to this service, please do contact us to get the login details.

Furthermore, let's look at some additional advantages of Banqsys Online Academy:

Video Enhanced Training

Videos are quickly changing the way we learn. It enhances your productivity by gaining the unique advantage of getting access to any training resource at any time using a simple search feature.

Cost Effective

You do not need to spend on transportation, travel, and accommodation cost which will additionally save you the valuable time.


Not everyone is created equal. Get the peer pressure burden out of your employees' shoulder and let them learn on their own. Your employees are much comfortable with videos that can be rewinded and played back several times. Everyone wins.

Accessible Training Site

Take the online academy along with you. You do not have to depend on your desktop anymore. Use whatever device you have on hand and get the training done per your convenience.

Always On

We understand that you’re busy and cannot commit to a schedule in order to get trained. Banqsys online academy is always on; spend as much or as little time as you want.

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